Introduction of company
Sepid-I-Tak Co. has been established in 2007 to meet the needs of engineering and industrial automation projects in the field of PC-Base Solutions , monitoring , specific systems and instrumentation in various fields.
Industries such as rail and urban transport, petrochemicals, oil, aircraft, and electricity are among the related field.
Our company has been trying to provide services as a supplier of components and parts in various projects by profesional employing and So far, it has succeeded in gaining the trust and satisfaction of the organizations and industries.

Company capabilities
Sepid-I-Tak Co. has a significant presence in the field of technical and commercial expertise in supplying related products in the field of industrial automation, and is working directly with the Advavtech, Winsonic and Keytek companies to work in the following areas:
• Advising and supplying parts in the design and implementation of industrial networks
• Provide advice on supplying parts and supplies of project equipment in various brands
• Engineering services in the field of industrial computers and implementation of Digital Signage projects
• Providing solution for control and monitoring and image transfer systems (telemetry)
• consultancy on LCD and industrial monitors installation for use in specific circumstances
• Provide Large Screen Monitors for Control Rooms
• consultancy and providing NET-BOX and MINI-BOX-PCs
• Providing and supplying of industrial keyboard and industrial mouse

Activities performed
Sepid I-tak Co. has been operating with organizations and various industrial centers, including some of them as below:
• Shahrekord Airport MINI-BOX-PC Supply
• Supply and installation of LCD and Digital Signage in Public Transportation Buses in Mashhad
• Supply of Jahade –E- Tahghighat –E- Sahand projects in the field of industrial computers
• Advising Mahan Airline on the installation of IFE systems
• Supply of requested parts in the field of monitoring for Iran Ofshore Oil Company (IOOC)
• Consult and Supply Embedded Motherboards for Telecom Companies
• Advice and Supply of PC/104 Motherboards for the Robotics Group at Khaje Nasir University
• Abfa Co. Telemetry project
• Water and power in Tehran in the field of industrial computers
• And …

Sit Control, consulting and providing industrial automation